While we think this is a very nice idea and if you know enough information, you could attempt to fill in the 48 hours membership for them, you should consider that the police may contact them for completing the form, if they have any questions. The person you are buying for, may find this intimidating if you do this without their knowledge. We recommend that you purchase a gift voucher by contacting Chris, to allow yourselves and the person you are buying for to properly plan their attendance.

This form is sent to the police to check that you are a safe responsible individual. We hear nothing back from the police. If there is problem or concern, the police will contact you directly.

While we understand that you are excited to try the sport, it is very important to complete this process for the safety of all us. On your first visit completing or handing in the form, we will talk you through the club and its facilities. If there is time, we maybe able to allow you to shoot air pistol. But this is dependant on how busy we are on the night.

You can download a copy of the required 48 hour membership form below. You can complete this before attending the club. However we will require this to be cleared before you fire a live rifle.

member ship 48hr form

No, you don’t. Just turn up on one of the evenings we are open. Parties of more than 5 should book in advance.

At the moment to fire live rifles we require your child to be of the age 14. Your child must be supervised by an adult until the age of 16.

Yes, the club has wheelchair access.

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