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Pinhoe Target Shooting Club is a Charity and as such holds Annual General Meetings once a year to nominate the Officers and Committee members of the club for the following year as well as voting on such things as membership fees.

AGM Minutes 2021

AGM Minutes 2020

AGM Minutes 2019

AGM Minutes 2018

Our Chairman Mike Taylor makes regular reports providing information of the latest news and developments at the Club.



You have probably seen people wearing a selection of items of clothing in the club colours with the club logo displayed.


We are now in a position to invite members of our club to take part in the above courses.


You may or may not be aware of the system in place for catching the bullet debris in the new ranges lanes 1 through 10.

The Officers and Committee Members meet on average once a month to discuss and organise the running of the Club. Below are the minutes from this years meetings. Please note we have removed the names of people who have been discussed as they progress from new members to Probationers and finally to Full members to maintain their privacy.

2022 May Committee Meeting minutes

2022 April Committee Meeting minutes

2022 March Committee Meeting minutes

2022 February Committee Meeting minutes

2022 January Committee Meeting minutes

This section is for the use of Committee Members only.

Sorry no.

Under the terms of the Clubs Home Office License we are not able to cater for this type of service.

We are a members’ club and not a business that runs shooting experiences.

Before being allowed to shoot at Pinhoe you must complete a membership form in person and return not less than 24 hours later. After that you can use our “Give it a go” scheme which gives you a chance to shoot any of the club guns under supervision and after you receive suitable training.

Pinhoe Target Shooting Club is a Charity run by it’s members for it’s members.

As such it is a requirement of the membership to take turns in opening up and being in charge of the Club.

We appreciate that for various reasons you might not be able to do this duty and we will make allowances as necessary, perhaps you can help the club in some other way?

Below are buttons which will redirect you to information regarding being a Duty Officer.



If you have any items that you wish to sell or buy contact me (Ian Roach) and I will advertise them for you on the website.

For Sale Air Arms S510 Ultimate in .177

I am selling a mint condition, Air Arms S510 Ultimate in .177 and it comes with 1 10 round mag , plus a single shot adapter and includes a bench rest hamster.
I am asking £780 for it, any questions please message me .

Please note that the range booking system is available for when there is not a Duty Officer present.

You do not need to book weekday evenings as a Duty Officer will open the ranges and control proceedings.

Club members can use the online booking system to reserve any of the Pinhoe ranges for 1 or 2 hour shooting sessions using the link shown below.

Please note at least 2 club members must be present at the range for shooting to take place.

Also please note you will need your membership number to sign in and, if using your own firearm, its serial number.


The Club is divided into different sections for the various disciplines that are shot at Pinhoe.

Shown below are the current sections with links to further information and contact points for the section heads.

10m Air

10m Air Captain Roger Cudmore

20m Air

20m Air Captain Chris Burrow


Benchrest Captain Brian Emmerson

Light Sport Rifle (LSR)

LSR Captain Dan Truscott

LSR Vice-Captain Shaun Forsyth

Prone Rifle

Prone Rifle Captain Debbie Mackie

Prone Rifle Vice-Captain Peter Wingfield

There is a strong friendly community spirit at PTSC, below are links to some of the Social Events that have been organised by the Club.

For information about past and future social events please contact our Social Secretary – Claire Courtney-Baker.

This is a test question

  • Yes, with our new spacious, well ventilated facilities we have ample room to accept new members.
  • Yes, at Pinhoe we have Give it a go sessions where you pay £30 and are allowed to shoot on 3 occasions. You will not be allowed to shoot on your first visit but can complete an application form.
  • We would request that you then attend the club on Wednesday nights for training and the chance to try all types of shooting in a supervised environment.
  • After the three sessions you are under no obligation to carry on, or if you decide that you would like to join the club you would be asked to pay 6 months fees in advance to cover your probationary membership period.

No, you don’t. Just turn up on one of the evenings we are open. You will not be allowed to shoot on your first visit, but you should be able to complete the application form.

However if the Duty Officer in charge is busy they will not be able to spend as much time with you as we would like.

At present due to high demand we have allocated Wednesday nights as a new member training night and have more people available to assist with beginners.

If Wednesdays are not suitable please contact the Club to make other arrangements.

  • ‘Give It A Go’ for new members (3 shooting sessions) £30.00  (2022 prices)
  • Junior Membership full year £102 (2022 prices)
  • Adult Membership full year £204 (2022 prices)
  • Membership can be paid monthly, biannually or annually.
  • There are no other costs if you use club equipment apart from any ammunition used.


The club is licensed for a maximum of .22 calibre air pellets or live fire .22lr sub sonic bullets. 

A selection is available to buy at the club and if you do not have a firearms license you must not remove them from the building, instead secure storage is available so that you can safely leave them for another day.

  • In the old building:-
  • We have a 6 lane 20 yard range suitable for air and live fire, rifle and pistol which can also be used for 25 yard prone shooting.
  • There are two toilets, one of which is wheelchair accessible.
  • A fully fitted kitchen.
  • A workshop area for gun maintenance.
  • A club room with easy chairs and a pool table.
  • In the new building:-
  • A 7 lane 10 metre air only range, suitable for rifle and pistol.
  • A 2 lane 6 metre air only range and a dart board.
  • A 5 lane 25 yard dedicated prone range suitable for air and live firing.
  • A 5 lane 25 yard dedicated benchrest range suitable for air and live firing.
  • Yes, there is a selection of various club guns and safety equipment as well as clothing for Prone shooting.
  • The cost of this is included in the membership fees.
  • Targets are provided but you will have to pay for any ammunition used.
  • No, you can use club guns without having your own certificate, but if you wish to purchase your own gun you will need to apply for a gun license from Devon & Cornwall Police Firearms Unit.

Most definitely not, many of our best shots at Pinhoe are Ladies.

Target shooting is a very inclusive sport and no matter what your gender, age or ability many people enjoy being able to compete on equal terms.

Like most things a firearm can be dangerous if used maliciously or incorrectly.

That is why at Pinhoe we vet all members in conjunction with the Police, and have vigorous safety procedures. Before you are allowed to shoot you will receive safety training which continues during your time at PTSC.

Many of our members are trained as Range Conducting Officers which is a Nationally recognised qualification run by the National Small-bore Rifle Association.

No there is not, some of our existing members are in their eighties.

If you are fit and able all disciplines are available.

If you are not able to stand for very long or shoot in a prone position the discipline of benchrest is ideal as you sit at a bench and the weight of the gun is supported by a rest.

  • All children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult whilst at the Club at all times.
  • To use live fire rifles your child must be at least 14 years old and satisfy the club they can do so safely and comply with Club rules.
  • Younger children can use air rifles or pistols if they are assessed by the Club as being capable of doing so safely.
  • Please contact the club to arrange a trial Give It A Go group of sessions.


Yes, the club has wheelchair access.

Both the old range building and the new ranges have been built with accessibility in mind, the whole site is on one level with minimal door thresholds.

Also there is a wheelchair accessible toilet complete with handrails.