The Lightweight Sport Rifle (LSR) discipline is shot with a .22LR rifle or .177/.22 Air Rifle, with no other supporting equipment (a glove may be used). The rifle/glove must weigh no more than 4.5kg and have a trigger weight in excess of 500g. It is usual to use either a Semi-Auto or magazine fed Bolt Action, with the Ruger 10/22 being a popular rifle in this discipline.

Any Sights are allowable, typically a telescopic sight, from the basic 3-9×40 to larger more powerful scopes. The rules state that no slings or special clothing may be used, and shooting stance is standing, unsupported.

At Pinhoe, we shoot LSR at 20 yrds on PL14 targets. Course of Fire is 10 shots per target, two targets per round. (20 shots, ex 200).

Light Sport Rifle (LSR) FAQ

Q: Do I need to have perfect eyesight to shoot, and see the targets?

A: No, many shooters wear glasses or contact lenses.  So long as your vision is OK with glasses/contacts this will be fine.  Telescopes are used to “spot” shots.

Q: I have heard that rifles kick when fired; will this hurt?

A: No, 0.22” calibre ammunition is very low powered.  Unlike a shotgun or large-calibre rifle, the recoil is very gentle and little more than a slight wobble. PCP Air Rifles have no recoil at all, which can be used for the non confident shooters.

Q: Do I have to be physically strong to hold the rifle still?

A: Yes and No, The rifle can weigh upto 4.5KG. While this seems like a lot, most rifles will weight less than this. Also the position you adopt for free standing rifle allows you to create your own natural support for the rifle. Younger members can choose to shoot with a bench rest.

Q: I haven’t fired a rifle before, can I still join?

A: Yes, many of our members had no prior experience.  Pinhoe has qualified instructors who can teach beginners, even absolute novices.  Everyone has to start somewhere!

Q: I don’t have any of the equipment mentioned; is this a problem?

A: No, we don’t expect beginners to have their own kit, so Pinhoe has a selection of rifles for beginners to borrow free of charge.

Q: Do I need a license to shoot?

A: Yes, but only if you want to buy your own rifle; a Police-issued Firearms Certificate (FAC) would be required then.  You would not need an FAC to use club rifles.

Q: Is shooting expensive?

A: No, not really.  Pinhoe offers beginners three trial sessions for £30 (ammo included).  Normal adult membership is £204 p.a. (2022

pricing).  Ammunition is extra, but a box of 50 cartridges costs from £3.50.  Beginners can use club equipment until they want to buy their own; much of which can be bought second-hand. A good PCP Air Rifle can start from as little as £350 Ranging up to over £2000 depending on how much you want to become involved in the sport. Our members will be happy to sing the various praises of their sport rifles to you, so all you have to do is ask.