The ranges are open during the evenings weekly, however there are a couple nights our volunteer instructors like off, so please review the table below for our opening times.

You don’t require to book your visit with the club unless you are bringing more than 5 new people at a time, this just gives us time to make sure you get the one on one attention that you deserve when you turn up for the first time.

Pinhoe Range

Monday 20yd Light weight sport rifle, Benchrest & Air pistol
Tuesday 10m Air pistol & 10m air rifle
Wednesday 25yd Prone Rifle
Thursday 20yd Light weight sport rifle, Benchrest & Air pistol
Friday 25yd Prone Rifle
MondayClosed from 5th November
TuesdayClosed from 5th November
WednesdayClosed from 5th November
ThursdayClosed from 5th November
FridayClosed from 5th November
SaturdayClosed from 5th November
SundayClosed from 5th November

Fonthill Range

The Fonthill Range is no longer in use.