Dear Fellow Member

Firstly, belated good wishes for 2022, let’s hope it will be a great one for our ever expanding and developing club and our sport in general. I hope you are enjoying your shooting and for our newer members, I hope you have been made welcome and are progressing in your chosen discipline. I think most are ready to start shooting competitively and if you are not in a team ask your section leader to see what can be done.

For those who are organised, there is a list of dates posted in the club for prone and benchrest competitions throughout this year. I will mention that this year is the 100th anniversary of The Bisley Meeting which is predominantly a prone event. However, there is usually a running deer shoot for LSR and the 10m air range is bookable with electronic targets. I would encourage anyone who shoots prone to put the dates in your diary now. Either you can shoot the first weekend or you can shoot the whole week. We normally do some clay pigeon shooting on the ranges there too in between other shoots. Or just come along to see the “Mecca” of shooting. Accommodation is available on site all be it basic.

You will see that work has started on the car park and approaches and that we have erected a garage store near the 50m range. The link build should start in early March. So, sorry about the inevitable disruptions. Also the work on the road is pretty much up to our gate and will necessitate us approaching the club via the other direction soon. I don’t have a date for that but Robin has accessed the local plan and our road is due to be done by the end of Feb (it was end of last November before, so don’t hold your breath!)

The club key situation has been changed slightly to add more security. The keys from Safecar will have the main door, old armoury and alarm fob on them. This allows you into the old building. The keys for the new building are now in a key safe-box in the old armoury. Lindsay will have sent you a message about this telling you the code needed if you are the duty officer. Also this week we have started to install a card payment terminal which will be online soon. This makes it easier for members to buy ammo etc.

We are planning our next social event and if you have any ideas or would like to help please contact Claire Courtney-Baker.

Wednesdays continue to be a very busy evening and some new members are looking to shoot on other evenings as well, or during the day. If shooting during the day, then please use the booking in App which you can access on  https//  Please also visit the website which has a wealth of information and is kept bang up to date by Ian!!

Other ways of getting regular info or chat about the club is via several WhatsApp groups that cover general stuff, bench-rest, LSR and building, to name but a few. Just ask Lindsay to add you to any group. I would suggest you join at least the general one.

Wishing you all good shooting