Dear Shooter

The summer is now upon us and our shooting programme is in full swing with indoor and outdoor shooting to be done.

The club’s membership continues to progress well and it is great to see so many new members enjoying the sport.

Looking back, it is sometimes difficult to realise how far we have come over the past year. Crazy muddy car park, roadworks and no entries are things of the past. The concrete path to the New range was June 21, the new sewage system was July 21, opening ceremony August 21, remaking the 50m range butts September 21, garage base December 21 and garage erected Jan 22, car park Feb 22 and now the link is being made starting in March 22.

I have not mentioned improvements to equipment, benches, rifles, decoration and general upkeep. Nor have I mentioned the shooting successes and the social events that have bolstered the club’s morale. We are becoming a beacon for other clubs to aspire to.

These things don’t just happen, they require a lot of input from members and we have had a tremendous amount of help and enthusiasm form the membership. My thanks go out to all that have contributed.

There will be calls for working parties to help with finishing the Link, decoration fitting out etc. Please help whenever you can. These working parties usually involve work, food, banter and results in equal measure.

We are now starting to run courses to bring on a wave of qualified instructors, members who can help progress the standard of target shooting in every discipline. Please sign up to these courses if you can, they will bring a whole new dimension to the enjoyment of your sport. The first one is for air which is in a couple of weeks time, which is now fully booked, but another air course will be run in the future. Please contact Andrew Vardon for details of all courses.

I wish you all an enjoyable summer and good shooting

Best Regards